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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two more edge to edge quilt designs to feature!

Here we go again!  Today we are featuring two more edge to edge quilts that turned out simply beautiful!  The first was made by Joyce for her son and DIL.  Joyce chose a palate of blue and aqua batik fabrics and turned it into a King size quilt.
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The second quilt to feature was made by Fiona.  She did a teriffic job combining these colors.  I really love this quilt.  We chose a tropical leaf quilting design.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Adam's Wall Hanging turned out sweeet!

This  wall hanging was pieced by Adam.  We used a geometric quilting design against the stars, and a simple feather design on the border. 
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Habitat for Humanity

Lilly, who represents a group of quilters from Pamlico county, contacted me last August about the possibility of  Three Bears quilting the 2013 Habitat for Humanity raffle quilt.  I told Lilly that yes! I'd be delighted to quilt this important raffle quilt to raise money for our local branch of Habitat for Humanity.  The quilt will be displayed during Spirit of Christmas this year. The quilt is a nice size for a bed, 81 x 89.  Here are a few sneak preview photo's.  By the way, the Bears get lots and lots of requests to quilt raffle/auction quilts for local and national organizations.  As much as we'd like to, we can't quilt them all.  But we do select 3 or 4 a year and will also be happy to donate the batting along with our award winning quilting services.  Please contact us early so that we may consider yours as we plan our schedule for next year.
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Monday, November 19, 2012

How about three more?

Why not? Here are three more edge to edge quilts to look at.  The first is a quilt made by Caroline.  It's a perfect example of using edge to edge quilting to achieve a custom look.  The feathered quilting design shows up so well in the border, that there is no reason to do a "separate" border.  At least not on this quilt with the blue fabric.  The Bears never "quilt off" the edges, but instead quilt in a perfect half inch (or whatever you request) to give a crisp, polished, custom look.
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The next quilt was made by Holly as a gift for a friend.  She requested a quilting design that looked like waves.

And last but not least is a baby quilt made by Barbara. The Butterflies and Flowers are really sweet on this quilt.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Three edge to edge quilts to feature

The Bears have hundreds of edge to edge (all over) quilting designs to enhance most any quilt.  The first to feature today is a quilt that Lisa made.  She requested white thread and something festive, as it is a Christmas quilt.  We chose a design called wind swirls.  Enjoy!
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The 2nd quilt we are featuring was again made by Lisa.  The quilting is quite dense, but with the 60wt thread that we used, all you see is glorious texture! 

And finally, Mary made a beautiful batik stained glass quilt.  Because it is for a man, nothing foo-foo.  How about a baptist fan design.  Can't go wrong with this!  Mary picked the perfect shade of thread from our King Tut collection, one of 5 complete lines of thread that we stock.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two quilts for Mary are now finished!

Mary loves batiks (who doesn't) and did a great job piecing these two quilts.  I'm pretty sure she told me they are both gifts.  They were both quilted with all over patterns.  The thread that we use on most all batik quilts is King Tut from Superior Threads.  It comes in the most awesome solids and variegated colors.  Mary picked out the thread for both of these quilts.  Enjoy!
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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For the Nature Lover.....

Twing made this beautiful quilt featuring birds in flight.  We custom quilted this piece, including stitch in the ditch around those tiny red borders.  I spent 2 days last week assisting NQA certified quilt judge and Professional Quilter columnist Scott Murkin in the judging room for our show.  I learned soooo much about what judges are looking for (the good, the bad and the ugly).  It's a darn good thing I've perfected my ditching skills, as that's one area that is considered critical.  First that it's done, and second that it's done perfectly. 
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Three Bears Awarded "Best Machine Quilting"

Three Bears Quilting won multiple ribbons for our customers quilts as well as our own quilts this past weekend at the Twin Rivers Quilt Show at the Convention Center in New Bern.  We'll be posting lots of pictures in the very near future.  Among the awards were Best Machine Quilting as well as viewers choice for a beautiful embroidered quilt that my customer took 18 years to complete! This quilt was custom quilted and we were thrilled for Mary when it was selected as viewers choice.  Again, pictures to come!  In addition to the show in New Bern awards were won at the Durham Orange Show the previous weekend.  Among those were A Star of Bethlehem made by Barbara R.  She won a Blue Ribbon in the category traditional wall hanging, as well as the award for best use of color.
Star of Bethlehem

Friday, October 19, 2012

Three more beautiful edge to edge quilts to feature

The first is a Blooming Nine patch pieced by Sharon.  Having just completed a king size myself for our show next weekend, I can tell you how labor intensive these are to put together.  Sharon's is all Batiks with a soft flannel backing in kelly green.  It's dreamy! 

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The quilting pattern is called Gilded. 
We used a variegated King Tut thread that had all the colors of her quilt in it.

 Next to feature is a quilt made by Lisa.  It's interesting, kind of a "modern" pattern.  I had lots of open real estate to quilt on.  Gotta love that!
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And our last quilt to feature today is another take on a modern quilt, this time pieced by Kathleen.  We quilted it with a funky feathering design, matching our thread to the light blue background; we did not want to disturb the interesting lines with a competing thread color.  It looked really great when it was completed!
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