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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Linda's Quilt is Finished!

Linda made this beautiful star quilt with Purple Minke on the back!  She used a special tool (can't remember the name of it) that puts a star at the ends of the sashing.  Brilliant!

Here's a shot of the purple minke backing:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Michelle's Wall Hanging is Finished!!

Michelle made this beautiful wall hanging from an assortment of brown and gold batiks. It's going to look great hanging in her office!

Here's a birds eye of the quilting:

Callie's Quilt is finished!!!

It was great to meet Callie last week.  Her turning 20 Ocean Quilt is just beautiful!

We used a Bamboo Batting by Legacy.  For some reason, Batik and Bamboo just simply play real nice together.  It was quilted with a variety of shapes, swirls and coral looking things in a Shimmery Thread from Superior Rainbows line called Opal.  Perfect!

Star Crossed x 2!!!

Cindy made two of these beautiful Star Crossed Quilts.  They turned out just perfect!  Here's the first:

Both were quilted with a star design:

Here's the other one --slightly different border:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cis's Quilt is finished!

Cis made this beautiful King Size quilt for her daughter.  It's big -- I could only photograph the top half as it was hanging.  

Here's some detail of the quilting:

The borders really frame out this beautiful quilt!  There are two blue borders, each with their own design separated by a narrow white border.  All are stitched in the ditch. 


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Antique DWR is back from the show!!!!!

This Antique Double Wedding Ring is from ---we think---1930's????  It was custom quilted by the Three Bears and on display at the DOQ Quilt show in October.  It could not be judged, as it was not pieced by a DOQ member.  It's approx 90 x 90 and bound by the world famous Lynn Elliott.  It's one of my favorite quilts ever, and I can't wait to display it in my new studio.  Oooopppss!  I almost let the cat out of the bag.  Get back in the bag!! Now!!  Bad Kitty!!

 Corner Stone and Binding Detail:

This quilt was hand pieced.  Perhaps you have an antique quilt top that was never finished.  Maybe from a family member or even one that you purchased at an estate sale.  The Bears have lots of experience handling these delicate quilt tops.  We'll be happy to take a look at yours.

Melon detail:


Tracie's Quilt is Finished!

It's another king size, all custom quilted--our specialty!

The fabrics are beautiful!  The quilt has a giant star in the center and four borders:  The outside border received a hanging diamond crosshatch.  Johnny's  crosshatch patterns are brilliant.  They always line up perfectly all around the perimeter of the quilt!

The white border:

The green swag border:

Liana's Quilt is Finished!

It a king size beauty!

It's a Ribbon Winner!!!!

.........and it's mine this time!!  Whooo-hoooo!  It's the happy dance that I'm doing today!

The Quilt is an Amish Medallion Pattern that I found in an old book of Quilt Patterns.  There weren't really any instructions, so I knew it was the perfect project for me.  I rarely follow them anyway.  And besides, now I have a built in excuse in case it's a flop.  Here's a bit of detail:

  basket detail:

I love breaking the rules, and a big one here was combining cotton sateen and batik fabrics.  Apparently that's a no-no.  I say yes-yes!! Here is some of the detail of the feathers used in the background quilting.  

And here's a bit of quilting detail from the dahlia designs:

   I should have used the sateen on the back, as it is now a beautiful whole cloth.  Since I was going to use it as a wall hanging, I used 200 ct bleached muslin.  But it looks nice too:


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Becky's Princess Quilt is Finished!

Becky made this princess quilt for her 4 yr old daughter.  She will LOVE it!

Here's some detail of the fabric.

We just love Minke on the backs of Children's Quilts.  Becky chose a purple minke with spots.  The quilting design shows up on the back.  

Kyoko's Bloomin' 9 Patch is Finished!

Kyoko just keeps getting better and better!  It's hard to see in the photo's just how beautiful this quilt is.  It's BIG! 98 x 108!

The quilting design is called Gilded and it's from our extensive Ann Bright Collection.

There was some nice light the morning we snapped these!

I met this photographer once on a bike ride.  He called it " magic light".