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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Joyce's Garden View is also finished!

It was custom quilted with a beautiful feather design inside the borders.  The inner pink border was SID, while the feather theme continued with feathered swags in the outer border.  The silk batting gives this quilt a dreamy look and feel.

Pinwheel Jelly Roll is Finished!

Joyce R. made this happy pinwheel quilt to hang on the wall of her studio. 

Swirling feathers made up the bulk of the quilting; the inner and outer borders each were delighted to receive their own custom designs!

The Bears absolutely love making each quilt special and unique!

Janelle's Fall Leaves Quilt is Finished!!

It was great to meet Janelle and hubby last weekend....perk of the job---meeting nice people. Janelle is a perfectionist. These pictures won't be able to show how meticulous she is.  And the colors are beautiful:

Jenelle selected a beautiful leaves panto.  This design will really show on the solid backing fabric!



Thursday, December 2, 2010

Elaine's Flag Quilt is Finished!!

It was great meeting Elaine the other day.  This beautiful Flag Quilt is constructed using her original design.  This makes an already special gift even more so.

Here's a bit of quilting detail:

Marian's Rail Fence is Finished!

Marian made this beautiful bed size quilt.  It's a gift, I think...The quilting design we chose was a beautiful meandering feather.