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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doris's Quilt is finished and fantastick!

Doris is one of the best quilt makers I have met.   Her use of color and interesting borders are her trademarks:
She wanted to keep the quilting on this one simple; so we did!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cathy's Quilt is Finished!!

Cathy was referred to us from the wonderful staff of Wish Upon a Quilt in Raleigh.  Lucky us!  This quilt that Cathy made for her daughter is stunning!
By the way, it was great to see everyone at Wish today.  We got to meet Clark and personally deliver his quilt to him.  A great guy!  Thanks for all your help Wendy.  I now have an official project to make with my GO! Cutter.

Hobbs Tuscany Silk was the batting that was chosen for this quilt.  The Bears work with, and stock, about 12 different  types of batting.  Do not hesitate to bring us your batting questions.  Margaret's extensive knowledge of textiles and fibers comes in quite handy in the batting department.  There are soooo many choices out there.  The type of batting that you select will affect the look and performance of your finished quilt.  A meandering feather design was applied inside the borders.
The inner borders were all SID.  The outer "blocks" border received an individual design in each square.  The quilting pattern was made by Johnny especially for this quilt:

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kathy's Flower Quilt is Done!!!!

Kathy did a wonderful job piecing this twin size quilt.  We chose a beautiful flowering design for the quilting.  I just love this quilt, and it looks beautiful with the quilted ribbons running through it.  Well done Kathy!!  (reminder--qlick on any image for a more detailed view)
Kathy had the Bears  make her binding and attach it to the quilt.  Now all she has to do is plop down in front of the tube, turn on the Bachelorette (lame show, I know, I know) and stitch it down.  Our customers l-o-v-e our "binding #1" option. ( See website for details)  Here's a bit more detail of the ribbons I was talking about: 

Clark's Quilt is finished!!!

Clark pieced this beautiful lap size quilt.  The fabrics were bright and happy---just begging for a quilting design on the simple side of life.  We chose a stipple, with a bit of a kick!
Here's a bit more detail:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sarah's Quilt is Finished!

Sarah pieced this beautiful quilt for her family room.  The fabrics she chose really work together! 
Sarah and I worked together choosing the thread for the front and the back.  Next, we looked at lots of quilting designs.  I have all of my designs carefully organized on my laptop to make it easy for customers to view them.  With over 7,000 designs plus the ability to create an endless number of original designs, I am confident that I can help you find the look you desire for your quilt!
As an added bonus, seeing all the quilting designs gets the creative juices flowing for your next project.  Notice how this design that Sarah picked really compliments her borders.  A totally custom look!

Farm Animals child's quilt finished!

A friend of Jean's made this adorable crib size child's quilt:

It was quilted very simply with a heart design!


Patti's Quilt is Finished!

Patti pieced this Bernina World of Sewing Block of the Month quilt.  
A variety of quilting designs were used. 
Center motif was stitched in ditch with a wide ribbon outline:
More quilting detail:
And one more:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rachel's Fish Baby Quilt is done!

Rachel's  applique fish quilt is finished just in time for the baby shower!
It was all custom quilted with  a Superior Rainbows Thread.  Just the right amount of bling!
The sawtooth sashing was all point to point curves; the setting triangles received a beautiful botanical design;  the inner and outer borders were quilted with a large and small wave pattern:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tracie's Star Log Cabin is Finished!!

It's another large bed quilt!  This one's a beauty at 95 x 124.  

A beautiful meandering feather design for the quilting really enhanced this quilt.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Elaine's Peek a Boo quilt is the perfect play quilt for a child!  And Elaine did a perfect job piecing this quilt.  Every photo was laid in just right.  They disappear when the flaps are down!  Remember, you can do a quilt like this with photos, applique animals, etc.  What child would not love this? Puts a new spin on nap time if you ask me.

We used Hobbs Tuscany 100% washable wool for a very "quilty" look and feel.  Plus, it helped to make the photo squares pop out just a bit.  (By the way, why does spell check always pick up quilty and ask me if I really meant to say guilty?  No, I do not feel guilty about quilting!!)

I outlined very close to the inside edge of each square for just the right amount of definition.  Here's the square part way open:
All the way open!
And one more:

Linda's Fuchsia Summer Quilt is Finished!!

Linda has a way with floral prints!  This quilt is simply sparkling with the fuchsia print and bright colors.  A super soft flannel back makes this the perfect summertime porch quilt:

A beautiful swirl and feather quilting design was applied inside the borders:

My friends Lynn and Connie happened to stop by as we were photographing the quilt.  They are bird lovers, and are, in my opinion, experts on all things birding and birdwatching.  Anyhoo, they  told me that Fuchsia are one of the main flowers that attracts hummingbirds.  I had no clue about this when the design for the outer green border was chosen.  We simply thought it looked great with the quilt!!  Who knew???

Pat's Quilt is Finished!!

What's not to love about this gorgeous bed size quilt (100 x 113) made from a collection of Jinny Beyer fabrics all personally selected by Pat.  By the way, be sure to check out the official Ginny Beyer website  There are some great free patterns to download!!
It was great see Pat and Joyce when they came to Chapel Hill to bring their quilts.  Plus, it gave us time to discuss quilting designs, thread choices, etc.  Pat chose an elegant feather design for the body of the quilt. You should be able to click on any image for a closer look:

The borders were set apart with a series of lines (6), carefully following the markings on the fabric.  Then, an elegant fleur de lis pattern was applied to the main portion of the outer border.  This way, when Pat applies her binding, it will complete the "multiple border" look.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Square Deal Indeed!!!

Joyce made this quilt called "A Square Deal" for a very lucky 8 year old boy.  She brought me a batting that I have never used before.  Quilters Dream Poly.  The package says "You won't beleive it's polyester!"  I could not agree more.  Another batting to try is Hobbs PolyDown.  Trust me, you'll be suprised.  It's time to let go of all the myths--you can only use this; you have to use that.  NOT!  
Joyce requested that the quilting not be straight lines of any kind.  We decided to stay with something with symmetry, just like the quilt.  This baptist fan pattern gets the job done.  It reminds me of rainbows, and that's always a good thing! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Natalie's Baby Ducks quilt is finished!!!

Natalie pieced this really cute baby quilt.  It has a bit of everything--applique, pieced blocks, flying geese border, and last but not least, the prairie points!  She's going to show it, so here's to a blue ribbon, Natalie! 

Close up of Green Blocks:
More detail of flying geese:
And just one more:

Mardi Gras Quilt is done!!!

Cindy's Mardi Gras Quilt is just pure fun!
The sashing was quilted with a bead pattern;  the border was quilted with a confetti pattern that matched some of the images in the fabric.

Anna's Quilt is Finished!!

We just love this beautiful floral quilt that Anna pieced!  Who wouldn't?  An all-over floral quilting pattern completed the look. 


And one more wedding quilt!

Carole pieced this large bed quilt for a friends wedding.  I think the wedding was this Saturday, actually.  Carole was in a bind, as far as time was concerned.  She had a dilemma with her backing fabric.  She didn't have enough, so we inserted a matching brown fabric down the center.  Who's to say she didn't plan it that way?  I like it.  Remember, the bears will be happy to piece your backing fabrics, or put their fuzzy little heads together and help you find a solution to any dilemma that might come up with your quilt.  Just ask.

Another Wedding Quilt!

Sandy did a beautiful job piecing this very large quilt for her son's wedding.  I can't think of the name of the pattern.  The colors in the quilt are the actual colors of the wedding.  Special.  She wanted something botanical for the quilting design.  With over 7,000 patterns to choose from - we got you covered Sandy!
Here's some detail of the quilting.  This is a perfect example of one of our more complex panto's.  A custom look without the custom price.  Sounds good to me! Remember, just click on any image for a birds eye view.

Mama's Four Patch is done!

Cindy pieced this beautiful Mama's 4 patch from fabrics that were in her Mothers stash.  The floral quilting design completes the look.  The batting we chose was Dream Orient.  Thimble Pleasures in Chapel Hill carries this luxuriously soft batting.  Try it, you'll like it! 

Here's some detail of the quilting.  The back is nice too!  White on White!